Bill Hempel's Team Edge!

Team Edge

150cc Hiperbipe

Designed by Bill Hempel

This is a very new airplane with only a handful of flights. All equipment is new with the airplane and has the same handful of flights (less than 15). The Hiperbipe is a beautiful negative stager biplane and catches the eyes of everyone at the field. Recently this model has placed at the last 2 scale events for people’s choice awards. This is ready to fly and comes complete with or without Futaba 6014 receiver.

3W-157 Engine with standard Johnson mufflers

Power HQ Digital servos with 222oz torque per servo and Titanium Gears

Ailerons: (8pcs) Power HQ 8315TG digital servos

Elevators: (2pcs) Power HQ 8315TG digital servos

Rudder: (1pcs) Power HQ 8315TG digital servos

Throttle: (1pcs) Power HQ 8315TG digital servo

Smart-Fly Power board with regulator and fiber optic ignition kill

(1pcs) 2600Mah Fromeco Ignition battery

(2pcs) Fromeco 5200Mah receiver battery.

Genuine Ultracote covering, fiberglass wheel pants and cowl.

Tru-Turn aluminum spinner (3blade)

Mejzlik 29x12 C/F (3) blade propeller

PRICE: $3000.00