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New 50% Edge 540 video. Check out Bill Hempel’s 50% Edge 540 ARF as Jason Shulman puts this big monster through its paces! This plane is one of the best 3D planes Jason has flown. Watch the rock solid harriers and torque rolls. See how stable this plane fly’s 3D and also how well the precision point rolls maneuvers look. You to can have a plane just like the one flying in the video. This airplane is designed around the 3W-275 engine. The 50% Edge 540 is only $2495.00 plus shipping from Arizona. Two color choices to choose from plus an ARC version. Order yours TODAY!

52% EDGE 540 W/ 342 cc

Bill flys with ONE wing; no way!


Bill Gone Wild # 1

Bill Gone Wild # 2

Bill Gone Wild # 3

Trcc #1

Pitts Challenge


DVD FOR SALE ! Click here to purchase your copy of all three “Bill’s Gone Wild” videos plus a special 15 minute video clip of Bill Hempel and Jason Shulman flying both 50% Edge 540 and Pitts Challenger video. That’s right! All three videos plus a special edition bonus video all in one! Get your copy of “Bill Gone Nuts” for only $15.00! plus shipping.

New Videos coming. We are in the process of installing a new wireless video camera from Shulman Aviation for our next video! Stay tuned and check back often for more incredible action!

See you soon!

Bill Hempel

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